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Re: [IP] Blood in Canula

> I was wondering if anyone out there who uses sils or tenders has ever had blood
> in the canula when you are unconnected.  This sometimes happens when I take
> showers but it goes away when I hook back up.

Yep, it is common if you nick a small blood vessel. While there is a 
basal rate running, the constant infusion of insulin keeps the line 
clear. When you remove the pump, there is no longer pressure on the 
infusion line. You body's fluid pressure (much less than blood pressure) 
pushes interstial fluid and any loose blood in a would OUT -- into the 
infusion line in this case. No big deal. Unless your bg's appear to rise 
without good reason -- which would occur if you had a bleed in the tissue 
-- the red tinge in the infusion line shouldn't hurt anything. Ask you 
CDE or doctor about it on your next visit.
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