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Re: [IP] individually wrapped keto sticks

For a while, the local Meijer carry the individually wrapped ketosticks.
Then they said they didn't and the couldn't (or maybe would't is the right
word) order any more.  Okay.  I went into a CVS, they said they could
special order it for me, but it would cost $20 for the box.  No, thanks.
Checked several other stores before I went to a Drug Emporium.  The
pharmisist had ordered them for someone else, but the person never picked
them up.  Cost was $8 or $9.  She was super nice (and if I got my supplies
locally, I would go to her!) and asked me what the advantage to the foil
wrapped kind is.  I said if you don't go through a lot of them, you don't
have to discard barely used bottles.  And that they are a lot more portable
than a bottle is (I usually stick a couple of the ketostick in a zip lock
bag along with the little sheet, then it can go anywhere, back pockets on
jeans work really nice, and discreetly then pulling something out a bag (or
retrieving a bag and taking it) before I go pee).  She said that she was
going to order a few and offer it to other customers if they baught
ketosticks.  She said they sounded like a nice option to have.  Now there
is a pharamasist I like!

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