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Re: [IP] Injecting through Silhouettes

> The insert that comes with my Silhouettes indicates that insulin
> injections can be given by inserting syringe or pen needle into the
> opening of the disconnect cover and pushing the needle through the
> soft cannula.  Has anyone ever done that? 

Yes, my daughter, Lily, has done this. You must be careful not to put 
the needle in crooked or you can puncture the catheter that goes into 
you. If you just put the needle in a little bit, it will work fine. 
Practice first on an old one when you take it out.

Also remember that if you use a second kind of insulin, it is a first 
in, first out system. The catheter contains 0.75 units of insulin. So 
if you chase a unit of H in behind R, you will only get 0.25 units of 
the H until something else is pushed into the set. If it is all the 
same kind of insulin, doesn't matter but if you use two kinds, you 
might get a supprise if you expect a certain response time and don't 
get it. One approach is to always "chase" the H with 0.8u of regular, 
so you would have to use that much less H to begin with.

I hope I didn't confuse you -- but this works. Lily has actually done 
it with SofSets also -- that tube is much longer and contains over 2 
units of insulin -- so the task is more complicated.

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