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Re: [IP] Waiting on pump authorization

> pump is very beneficial to those that are having a difficult time
> getting their D under control but what about the people who have
> their D under control.  Should they lose the right to own a pump? 
> I'm know their are plenty of people in this group that had good
> control before they went on the pump.  Did anyone else run into
> this?  

this is the usual faldaral that insurance companies use to try to 
discourage you. Never give up. You will get a pump no matter what 
they say initially if you are just persistant. Being in good control 
makes you a good candidate for a pump because it indicates that you 
try hard and that a pump will be even MORE beneficial for you. 
Conversely, if your control is lousy, the evidence is overwhelming 
that a pump will improve your control. There is an argument in your 
favor no matter what your control happens to be. Basically, the 
insurance company is obligated to provide any standard treatment 
prescribed by a doctor. To overrule the doctor is to engage in the 
PRACTICE of MEDICINE which the insurance company can not do. Keep at 
them, you will win. In almost 3 years, everyone that has tried and 
been denied has eventually won their arguement. There are some still 
fighting, but they will win also. It took 1 1/2 years of total crap 
to get a pump paid for for my daughter. Eventually I won as you will.

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