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Re: More work than shots...was [IP] Shocked Nancy

I'm shocked Nancy, however in my orginal message I said I was shocked at all 
the trouble everyone on here was having.  Somehow it got turned around to 
saying that pumping is more work.  It is a lot of work but what isn't if you 
want good control?  I work at it as hard as I work at my job, only difference 
is I can leave the job at the end of the day.  I don't see what the big deal 
is if your concerned about good sugars you will work at it no matter which 
way you choose to go. Everyone is of course allowed to his opinion.  Mine is: 
whatever it takes that's what I want to do.

Thanks for letting me say that.  Now happy pumping to those of you who want 
to be happy pumping. Me, I couldn't be any happier, unless of course it would 

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