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Re: [IP] UGLY CDE encounter, & questions - LONG!!!

In a message dated 01/29/2000 10:47:28 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I would appreciate any advice on how to handle my next
 interaction with the health care place.  (If my insurance will let me buy
 elsewhere, I will - but there's still a matter of an $81.50 credit that I'm
 not going to just walk away from!) >>

My, my, my .. . but she does sound VERY UGLY. Perhaps covered in thorns with 
some warts on her nose :--)

Definately get your $81.50 worth of strips you need from them. Then see if 
you have any other options to deal w/another supplier.  If you can't, then go 
over her head and let her boss now how you and your husband were treated.  No 
business owner wants to see this kind of "customer service/harrassment" going 
on.  She must answer to someone.  BTW I use 300 strips a month (lack of low 
symptoms) and every once and awhile I make 50 of them OneTouch strips for my 
old back up meter, just in case something happens to my Glucometer Elite, and 
I also use the One Touch to test diet cokes to see if they really are diet.

As far as CDE's go, all the ones I've ever heard of are tied to a Dr, a 
clinic,or a hospital and are typically covered by insurance.  Except for the 
one I love the best who started her own diabetes education center last year.  
I have gotten better, more accurate information from a CDE than all the 
doctors I've seen, many endos included, in the 20 years of my diabetes.  My 
CDE does more than give diabetes advice, she listens, sympathizes, gives me a 
shoulder to cry on, and she really cares about me.  Why is this one you dealt 
with tied to a supply company?  Maybe no one else will have her?

There are good ones out there, hope you find one soon.

Best wishes,
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