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Re: [IP] UGLY CDE encounter, & questions - LONG!!!

My questions are: 1)  Can she do that?  (#7)  If my doctor (who apparently 
doesn't prescribe pumps anyway) has prescribed 200 strips. no designated 
brand, can she decide that they MUST all be the same?  I was planning to keep 
my FastTake at work as a backup...not much good without strips!  Is it her 
role to tell me what
 I may or may not do regarding meters/strips? 

You should have 2 scripts written for the two brands, but be prepared that 
your INSURANCE company may not allow them to be filled the same day, but same 
day is the only problem i've ever had with two brands.. but I've never 
attempted to have one prescription written for two (or more) brands of 
strips...  good luck with the accucheck complete.. i jsut wen tback to it as 
I will be able to keep track of the most info and download to my computer (if 
the software ever really works!)... my other favorite meter was the QID 
because its tiny and the strips are wrapped individually so you can take just 
a few if you have to carry a tiny purse.
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