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Re: [IP] Need Some Help

I have been to Florida, New Jersey, Canada, on top of mountains, inside the
earth ..... :)

When I go more than two hours from home, I carry extra pump supplies with me
in addition to all the other stuff I carry anyway (testing supplies, glucose
When I go on vacation, I carry enough supplies for twice as long as I plan
to be away.

I went to Florida the first week of November. When I went to the parks, I
carried extra pump supplies in the car. Thankfully, the weather was not too
hot so my supplies were OK. I had one occasion to go back to the car and
change the infusion set. My testing supplies I carried in a rear gear (fanny
pack). At Universal Studios, I locked it in a locker when we went on some of
the rides.

One good thing about our over-abundance of pharmacies: you can count on
pretty much being able to get what you need. I left my insulin in the car on
the hottest Fourth of July in years when visiting Atlantic City. Well, that
insulin was fried, but I was able to go to a local pharmacy and pick some

Be sure to carry copies or originals of and prescriptions you might have. It
may save a phone call or two. I didn't do that on my last trip and
thankfully nothing happened.

Have a save and fun time.


Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 11:32:05 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Need Some Help

I am going to be going on a family trip to Florida for a week.  I have all
my supplies I think I am going to need packed, but I still feel like I am
leaving something.  I have extra insulin , a whole box of infusion sets, and
everything I need to do a change. Am I forgetting anything.  This is my
trip with my pump so I'm a bit nervous.  Also, should I take extra supplies
with me to Disney and other parks?  Any other advice will be great.  Thanks
so much!

       Cheri :)

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