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[IP] UGLY CDE - My ugly pharmacist - e-mailed my congressman

> Subject: [IP] UGLY CDE
> Because the situation was so very convoluted, I felt the details
> were necessary, & I would appreciate any advice on how to handle my next
> interaction with the health care place.  (If my insurance will let me buy
> elsewhere, ...
> Sammi

In the mid '80s I was frequenting a pharmacy that offered discounts on new
prescriptions. Each new Rx I would take a coupon with me. I did this for a
couple of years. One of the pharmacists told me I had been blocked on the
computer from using any coupons; she let me use it anyway. The next visit
with a new Rx I took a coupon. The pharmacist who had blocked me was there
and I asked why. He said the idea was to bring in ONE coupon ONE time, I
would like their services and continue purchasing there. I said there were
no restrictions stated on the wall nor on the coupons. Made no diff. He said
I should go elsewhere then.  Since I take 11 different prescribed
medications, it was THEIR loss of $$$$ over the last decade and a half, or
    Just my story.  I miss purchasing locally and going through this *&^%)
mail-order thing. BTW, I e-mailed my congressman about my 700 frozen strips,
and called the employer, and the ins. broker. Can't wait for Monday.
Fortunately I have my back-up purse Exac-Tech meter. I miss using my
Accu-Chek Complete, though.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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