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Re: [IP] Sick Care, Primary Care Physicians/Pumping:

I had an incident back in September when I called my PCP to get a same day
appt. for what I felt was a sinus infection.  They wanted to know what my
symptoms were and told them the usual sinus problem symptoms and that
reason I felt it was an infection was because my BG's had been over 250 for
3 days and were currently spiking at 500.  Well the nurse totally forgot
about the sinus infection I called for and asked who I saw for my diabetes.
 Then said there were no appt's that day and made me feel like I was going
staright to hell for not controlling my blood sugar better.  Then on top of
that the nurse practically called me a liar and said I should come in to
have a finger stick drawn even though I couldn't see the Doctor.  I was
fumming not to mention I was already cranky because my BG was through the
roof!  So, I went and did the finger stick then I found the nurse I spoke
to on the phone gave him my two cents and told him I was going to the
emergency room.  Where I was treated and understood for once that day.  I
DID have a sinus infection.  And once I got the antiboitic my bg's came
down.  This was one of my few struggles I've had with military medicine.

Pumping@ Ft. Bragg 4wks
Sheila Morris
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