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Re: [IP] UGLY CDE encounter, & questions - LONG!!!

> 1)  Can she do that?  (#7)  If my doctor (who apparently doesn't
> prescribe pumps anyway) has prescribed 200 strips. no designated
> brand, can she decide that they MUST all be the same?
>  I was
> planning to keep my FastTake at work as a backup...not much good
> without strips!  Is it her role to tell me what I may or may not do
> regarding meters/strips? 
2)  Who all should I be aprising of this
> situation?  
Her boss, the insurance company, BBB, your doc, etc....
Also, CDE's are accredited. Brian Carter can give you the link to the 
appropriate web site. You might want to notify them of the problems 
with this individual.

> How does it work, when you see a CDE?  
Depends, someone has to pay them. It would be rare for you to 
contract with one directly as they must provide their "medical" 
advise under the supervision of a doctor since they can not practice 

> etc...I'd like to have that as a resource, & I'm not really sure how
> to go about setting it up. 
Contact your pump company for a referral to both a CDE and a pump 
trainer. The latter may be very helpful since they work with numerous 
docs and CDE's, they can probably refer you to someone close to you.

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