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Re: [IP] Need Some Help


Think of it as being at home.  If you need it at home you will need it away 
from home.  I never go anywhere without extra everything.  Batteries, even if 
you have just changed them.  When i go somewhere all day and don't know what 
may happen i carry a complete change, insulin, all that good stuff extra 
tape.  I always take an extra meter when i go on vacation and of course one 
of them  goes everywhere I go.   I also carry with me at all times a Humalog 
pen, just in case Mr. pump has a break down I'm never without insulin.  Don't 
forget those gloco tablets.  Do you also carry the little cards that came 
with your pump to tell you what to do in an emergency?
Don't forget identification stuff , like I'm wearing an insulin pump do not 
disconect it from me
Have Fun and let us know how it goes

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