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Re: [IP] UGLY CDE encounter, & questions - LONG!!!

You are cracking me up!  Sounds to me like the average run around the
mulberry bush that I have perpetually gotten forever!  You did great.  Hound
hound hound.  You were right, they were wrong.  I've been up to my ears with
pharmacists (and other "helpful" medical people) and wanted to say on more
than one occasion, "I may not produce insulin, but you don't produce common

>>She said "You 'say' you are a pump user...then you have no business
switching from meter to meter.  You have to decide upon one meter & stay
with that, DO NOT experiment with other products!">>

Why on earth would using a pump limit your ability to change meters?
Obviously this pleasant individual didn't have, as my mother would say, the
good sense that God gave a goose!  And for the record, my pump DID NOT come
with a meter.  (:

Keep fighting the good fight.

Karen (:

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