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[IP] Bread Machines & Pumping :-) Didn't think they had anything in common!

Hi all,

Erica (11 yrs old) has been pumping now for over 10 months.  She had to
learn many new things, all of which she forgot to do at one time or
another.  I have used many different words of wisdom to help her, and I,
deal with the glitches we encountered. To learn from them, and not let
them frustrate us too much.

Today, I decided to bake a loaf of bread for our neighbour from next
door who had so kindly cleared our driveway after a series of unusual
winter storms, for our area. He was so excited at the opportunity to use
his dust gathering snow blower :-)    I also like to teach my children
to return kindness which was given (and give it even when it is not).
So, today, on a bright beautiful sunny morning (the snow has all but
melted away), I decided to bake my neighbour a loaf of bread.  I
measured carefully into my new breadmaker machine, all the ingredients,
in the order listed....which is so important.  Just as I was about to
plug in the machine, I noticed the blue paddle for the bottom of the
breadmaker sitting on the kitchen counter.  Well, this is as vital to
the workings of the machine as the syringe is to pumping!

I was so exasperated!!  I stomped my feet, fumed, swore under my breath,
and gave out a big AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!   Erica appeared at my side.
"What's wrong mom?", she asked.  I explained what I had done, and that I
was so ticked off at myself for forgetting to put the paddle back into
the machine.  I said I would have to throw it all away.  "Stop Mom!" she
said, "can't you just put it into another container, add the blue thing
and then start all over?"  I explained that no, I couldn't, because the
yeast would be exposed to the liquid and the bread would not rise
properly.   I took the container out of the bread machine and threw the
contents off the side of the deck into the garden.  Maybe little bread
flowers will bloom in the Spring....

When I came back  in, a little cooled off by now, Erica was right at my
side.  With all ingredients again spread out on the counter to be
measured, the blue paddle placed in the bottom of the pan, and a deep
breath to start  "Here I go again", I said.   I felt a touch on my back
and  heard a soft serious voice say.  "Mom, it wasn't a total
waste.....you learned something today and probably won't do that again"
 I was speechless for a second, started to laugh, and hugged her tight.
It was the BEST thing that anyone could have said to me at that moment,
and made me realize that those positive reinforcement words my husband
and I  have used with the girls REALLY WORK.  Not only that, her problem
solving skills are far ahead of her sister who is 4.5 yrs older :)  I
thanked her for making me feel better and reminding me that we do learn
from our mistakes.  Talk about a warm fuzzy moment...it was priceless.

Jeez...I am sooooo poud of my pumper who still forgets the odd bolus and
bubble check, but I wouldn't change things for ANYTHING!!  And....I KNOW
I will forget that stupid blue paddle thingy again, but I will remember
Erica's words and it won't be so bad.

Barb....Erica's mom

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