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Re: [IP] Hiding the pump

At 07:09 AM 1/29/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >><< I thought this was interesting - I wear my pump on my left side only - I
 >> was wondering if everyone else had a "favorite side".
 >>  >>
 >Mine is always on my left...I figure being a lefty may have something to do
 >with that!

Mine is always on the left too... but I'm a right-hander. It makes it easy 
for me to reach over with my right hand and punch those buttons when it's 
on my left side.

So for me, the right side is the wrong side and left is right. :-)

Also, keeping it on the same side all the time, makes it easy to always 
grab it... I always know where it is, even when half-asleep. I'm so used to 
wearing it, that I'm only partially conscious of it's existence most of the 
time... so for me keeping it in the same place makes it easier to handle 


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