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[IP] Store alarms and the pump

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems entering or 
leaving stores that have the security panels at the door checking for stolen 
items (?).

My pump seems to set off alarms sporadically.  Last weekend at a CompUSA 
store my husband said something to the clerk after we made our purchase to 
not be surprised is the alarm goes off as we leave.   It doesn't always 
happen so I was surprised that he said anything.  When I left the store, sure 
enough, their alarms went off....we turned toward the clerk and he just 
smiled & waved us on.  It has also happened at KMart, & Dick's sporting goods 
store. But only once in a while.  

I love my pump and show it to everyone. My hope is that by sharing with 
others perhaps it might encourage someone else with Diabetes to check it out 
for themselves.  It has given me my life and freedom back.

T-1 at 35yrs. Jan. 96 
MM 508 since early Nov. 99
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