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Re: [IP] new pump user's questions

In a message dated 1/29/00 12:51:27 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  What do you put on to remove the sticky after changing sets?  
a white cloud appears in 
the tubing right next to where it attaches to the pump.  .  

Third, about how many carbs do you guys use when you go low?  I just can't 
seem to get this one right.  Logic would tell me since 1 unit drops her 80 
points and that she takes 1 unit ber 15 carbs, that each carb would take her 
up 5.3 (divided drop/carb) 


Baby oil (and probably most lotions) will remove the sticky stuff.
The white cloud in the tubing is just from wear (the layers come apart a 
bit), and is not a problem, happens often.
I find if I am using glucose tabs, your dosage plan works pretty well, but 
with all the possible variables (in the reading, in the direction of the 
blood sugar, for instance), I aim for a higher final goal than I might 
otherwise want (say 120 rather than 100)  (using anything, even sucrose, that 
takes any longer to digest, I use a little more to get out of the hypo in a 
reasonable time (and maybe go up a bit later) - but you may be dealing with 
better gastric motility than mine)

Linda Z
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