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Re: [IP] hiding pump

>> With all the comments about how wonderful the pump is, I find it
>> to see how many messages there are about "hiding the pump".
>> Any comments?

I'm just now getting caught up on mail, so my response may be "a day late &
a dollar short", but I still want to throw in my 2 cent's worth!  I make NO
attempt to hide my pump...I am thrilled beyond belief to have it, & wearing
it out in the open has sparked many conversations & given me the opportunity
to share information with people who otherwise would not know it even
existed.  Last weekend I ran into a woman at WalMart who knew me when I was
a teenager & hasn't seen me since.  She started a conversation & it just
seemed she was "getting at something" but not saying outright what it
was...sort of dragging out the "so how are you doing?" part a hundred
different ways.  When I finally said that my health was a lot better due to
the pump, she started asking all kinds of questions...her mom & brother are
both diabetic & she really wanted a lot of information!!  I felt really good
about having some answers & being able to direct her toward some
sources...these kind of conversations don't happen nearly as easily if the
pump is hidden away.  I mostly just place it for comfort & convenience -
usually, that means where it's secure enough to behave itself & easily
accessable.  The only times it is "hidden" (inside a bra) are when I've
chosen clothing that gives me no other option!

Pumping WAY out in the open,

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