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[IP] RE: Julie, spouse's and the big D -

I think the way we all deal with our spouses/sig others differs from
relationship to relationship.  To be honest neither one of us paid much
attention to it while we were dating - I just sort of did my thing and he
did his.  It was more of a background thing for the both of us while in high
school - we were more concerned with classes, after school jobs, parents,
and what not.

We did it backwards (moved in together and then got married) but things
started taking a different turn when we were living together.  You know that
old adage about 'getting to know all your sig others bad habits?' That seems
to fit what happened to us.  He never paid much attention to my insulin and
needles until they were spread all over the house; he didn't realize that my
blood sugar swings could have me hanging from the ceiling one minute and
laying on the floor the next; he didn't take my disease seriously until he
woke up one morning to find me seizing from low blood sugars at two in the
morning - one where he had to watch paramedics cart me off to the ER.  I
think that finally made him realize that it wasn't a slight case of acne I
was dealing with but something much more consuming.  I realized that I
couldn't just let him figure it all out for himself.  I think it was around
this point in time that I told him that no question was off limits - so ask
away he did.  He wanted to know more about it - some of the questions were
hard to answer, and he had no problem accepting the answers.  He asks when
he wants to know, he asks how I'm doing, he asks if there is anything he can
help with.  He actually spent a good share of tonight looking at the
Disetronic web site, and is convinced that I should get two carriers for my
pump - the clip case and the bra pouch:  'Sure, the clip case will be great
for everyday wear, but what about those occasions that you want to dress up
and maybe hide it? I think that's going to be your best combination. ' :)
That's just how we manage, and I would do the same for him if he had
something like diabetes going on with his health.  But it's different for
everyone.  Good luck -

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