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[IP] new pump user's questions

Hello Everyone,

Just a couple of questions, one I know has been answered in the past so sorry 
to ask again.  What do you put on to remove the sticky after changing sets?  
When it ran the list before, we were having no problem with that.  Now we are.

Second, we are using the minimed 508.  I thought it was happening when the 
reservoir got low, but happen today w/o being low, a white cloud appears in 
the tubing right next to where it attaches to the pump.  What is that?  I 
remember someone else asking this question, but never saw any answers.  

Third, about how many carbs do you guys use when you go low?  I just can't 
seem to get this one right.  Logic would tell me since 1 unit drops her 80 
points and that she takes 1 unit ber 15 carbs, that each carb would take her 
up 5.3 (divided drop/carb)  Is that right?  Or does it work different?

Susan (mom to Allie, 11 dx'd 8/98, pumping and Katie, 9 non-D)
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