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[IP] spouses--and a chuckle

Hi all--

I've been reading these threads recently about depression and mood swings
and spouses.  Since I've been diabetic for about 33 years, and I've been
married to the same guy for almost 25 years, I turn to him and ask (quiite
seriously)--"Am I a pain in the a** to be married to because I'm diabetic?"

His response:  "Now THAT"S a loaded question.  No comment."  

I'm ROFLOL!!  And (still) happily married, with two beautiful teenagers,
and no significant complications--even though I wasn't supposed to live
this long OR have children, according to the docs I saw all the way up to
the late 70's.  Living well is the best revenge, as they say.  Life has
been good to me, and the pump makes it even better!

:)  Doreen in Wyoming
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