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Re: [IP] Mommy's helper

In a message dated 01/28/2000 9:03:03 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We have also talked 
 about calling 911 if I don't wake up?  It is too bad that kids of diabetic 
 parents have to become so responsible.  I wish I never had to go over these 
 things with them sometimes? >>

I wish we didn't either, but I'm every so grateful for my wonderful daughter, 
and her understanding of this about her mommy.  When she was little I was on 
MDI and had frequent lows, lot of times 2x day.  We kept (still keep) juice 
boxes on the bottom shelf of the fridge door and whenever she heard "I need 
help" in that awful frightening tone of voice from me, she'd stop whatever 
she was playing and run and bring me the juice, put in the straw and hug me 
till I was better.  She started doing this at 3 yrs old, she'll be 9 next 
week.  She even got on our company radio and tracked down my husband one 
morning when she couldn't wake me (6 yrs old then).  Now that I'm pumping (4 
yrs this spring) this is only an occassional thing.  Like when we were 
shopping in the outlet mall at Christmas and all the walking got me down to 
40 (I don't have many symptoms anymore and I left my glucose tabs in my 
sweats that am).  She left me on a bench, took money out of my wallet and ran 
about 10 stores up, bought candy and brought it back.

Kelsey is my angel and I'm proud to have her as my daughter.  Could this be 
the same one who was red-carded at a soccer tournament last week for 
threatening to punch another player?   Hmmmmm, glad I'm on her good side :-)

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