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Re: [IP] Boy, I wish she had a pump! Me too!

> A question to the list:  Is U40 insulin still made?  Or can U100
> insulin be cut somehow?  Wouldn't that be easier to draw in a
> syringe when you're using such small amounts?

The diluting solution for Lilly insulins is on the LINKS page of the 
web site in the HUMALOG section:

Diluent for Humalogr A solution to dilute Humalog to R50 or lower 

It is actually for Humulin, etc.... 

     The diluent used for Humalog insulin is distributed by Lilly. It 
     is called "Sterile Diluent for Humulin N, Humulin
     50/50, Humulin 70/30, NPH Iletin". Although the bottle does not
     say Humalog, the contributor's doctor reportedly did extensive
     research and specifically asked Lilly if the diluent could be
     used with Humalog. Although they would not come out and say yes
     they apparently did acknowledge that it can be used to dilute
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