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Re: [IP] Boy, I wish she had a pump! Me too!

In a message dated 01/27/2000 11:59:30 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< keep in mind that she uses 1 Unit for 45 carb's) >>

With that kind of a carb ratio, she is very insulin sensitive.  About the 
only way you could accurately match her carbs to insulin would be with a pump 
with 1/10 U increments.  when you draw it up in a syringe is it 1.3 U or 1.5U 
or 1.6U?  It would be real hard to tell and could make a big difference for 
her at the 1:45 ratio.

A question to the list:  Is U40 insulin still made?  Or can U100 insulin be 
cut somehow?  Wouldn't that be easier to draw in a syringe when you're using 
such small amounts?

<<She tests and is 62.  She gets 6 oz of coke (19.5 grams of carb) 
      and refuses to eat more than 3 bites of steamed rice & 1 bite
of        chicken. She tests again and her fastake meter reads "HI". >>
Coke seems to be like intravenous sugar to me too.  Another possibility is 
her liver "dumping" sugar because of the lows that day.  Someone else will 
have to explain the exact technical reason for this, but I've had it happen 
many times after a real low low and the rebound high takes several hours and 
lots of insulin to bring back down. Your example day seems like very good 
reasons to try a pump for her.  She can have some of her childhood freedom 
back and you'll be much less stressed when you have a tool to use that 
actually works the way you expect it to the majority of the time.

Be a thorn in their side if you have to go down and sit in their office 
waiting room with Caitlyn until they get the paperwork in order.

Hope your break is coming soon.

Best wishes,
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