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[IP] Thyroid; and FEP BCBS

Well, just to update anyone interested, I found out yesterday that my
thyroid was in a state of hyperthyroidism due to a virus that caused
'thyroiditis' - a temporary thyroid problem that only lasts 3 or 4 months
(thankfully!)  The endo said that as of right now it's at the end of its
'hyper' stage - that what will happen next is it might go into a short stage
of 'hypo' symptoms, and then level out to normal again.  The worst that
could happen is that it could possibly stay slightly hypothyroid, meaning I
would have to take some thyroid hormones to keep it at the norm.  I am very
pleased to find out it's something that will most likely fix itself!  I've
actually felt human the last few days, so that is a good sign  - we will do
blood tests for the next couple of months and see if things are going the
way we think they should.  Yippee!!!

On the pump note, I saw that one of you had a pretty easy time getting it
with FEP BCBS, and one of you didn't have such a great time - I'm hoping
that mine will be easy, but this remains to be seen.  My endo just sent all
of her documentation and note of medical necessity to Disetronic, and I sent
my part off as well - so here goes!  Yes, it does only cover 90% of the pump
and supplies, but from where I stand, that's  a heck of a lot better than
none!  :)   She has dealt with BCBS before, and said that they usually have
things done within a week if there are no problems (this is WA state
BCBS-FEP).  She has never had a patient wanting a Disetronic through them,
and thinks the only problem that may arise is that they will insist I go
with a MiniMed, but she again thinks it won't be a problem getting the Dis.
So maybe I will be pumping it up in a few weeks!  Thanks for everyone's

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