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Re: [IP] Sick Care, Primary Care Physicians/Pumping

At 04:54 PM 1/28/00 -0800, you wrote:
.......................Who is handling your diabetes? I
am not expecting a primary care physician to have any
answers, but I do expect them to keep it in mind when
prescribing drugs or deciding upon therapeutic

Andrea Seitz
Who Doesn't Leave Her Diabetes In the Doctor's Waiting Room

Andrea, in the case of medications I am managing that area of my health care. Each doctor knows what each of the other doctors have prescribed not only by doctor to doctor communication but also by me. Every visit I hand the doctor or a member of his staff a list similar to the following.

Jim Holman
Medications as of  00/00/00

Dr. Xxx Yyyyy   -   Cardiologist
      Drug Name          Dosage            Frequency
Dr. Yyy Xxxx   -   Neurologist
       Drug Name         Dosage            Frequency

After listing all the doctors, I have a listing for the vitamins and other pills I take called

Self Inflicted
       Vitamin E
       Vitamin C
       B Complex

Every time I hand one of my doctors this list they are aware that they have the latest prescriptions I am taking, even their own. The pharmacy I trade at, through the years have questioned a couple of prescriptions which have been changed. The pharmacist should be more knowledgeable about drugs and their interactions than the receptionist or nurse in the office.