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[IP] Sick Care, Primary Care Physicians/Pumping

When visiting the doctor for sick care (colds,
allergies, flu, bronchitis), do you feel like all
aliments except diabetes are taken into account? Since
starting pump therapy, I mention a diabetic challenge
and the doctors say,  Who is handling your diabetes? I
am not expecting a primary care physician to have any
answers, but I do expect them to keep it in mind when
prescribing drugs or deciding upon therapeutic
options. Upon getting a prescription, I ask what will
this do to my blood sugar levels? The nurse says, It
is fine....nothing. Yet, I insist she look it up in
the drug book and find out it is a steroid. So does
that mean, after visiting the primary care physician,
I need to call the endo and check out any
prescriptions? (Does anyone know of a comprehensive
list of drugs and the effect each has on blood sugar

I have had bronchitis over the last 6 weeks, the pump
and a lot of basal adjusting has helped me maintain
decent blood sugar levels. Do you ask for drug
alternatives that will not affect your blood sugar
levels? Or do you just consider it to be one more
necessary loop on the roller coaster? Do any of you go
to endos for sick care?

Andrea Seitz
Who Doesn't Leave Her Diabetes In the Doctor's Waiting Room
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