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[IP] Fwd: Gore Responds (finally)

>For five months, diabetes advocates have made thousands of calls to Vice 
>President Al Gore and his staff.  Thousands of letters, faxes and email 
>messages have also been sent, strongly urging Gore to provide the funding 
>needed to implement the Diabetes Research Working Group Report (DRWG).
>This hard work finally paid off when Gore issued a statement this week in 
>support of the blue-ribbon panel's report .  "As President," Gore wrote, 
>"I would fight to increase research funding for diabetes so that we can 
>reach the goals of the DRWG report and bring us closer to the day when 
>diabetes can...finally [be] cured."
>For a complete copy of the statement, as well as ADA's news release, 
>please visit www.diabetes.org/ada/gore.asp.
>The culmination of this campaign has taken place in New Hampshire during 
>the Presidential primary season.  Diabetes advocates Mimi Silverman and 
>Donna Chretien have worked with ADA to organize a grassroots effort in the 
>state.  The goal was to persuade the major presidential candidates to take 
>a public, written stand in support of the DRWG.
>Silverman, Chretien and other advocates supplied candidates with 
>information describing the inadequate federal commitment to diabetes 
>research.  They also provided details of the DRWG report and its 
>recommendations.  Finally, they questioned the candidates about their 
>position on diabetes research funding as they traveled from town to town.
>Vice President Gore has been the only candidate to issue a formal and 
>public document so far.   No written public statement regarding DRWG 
>recommendations has been made by the campaigns of former Senator Bill 
>Bradley (D), Texas Governor George Bush (R) or Senator John McCain 
>(R).  The New Hampshire vote will be held next Tuesday.
>The Association will continue to urge the major party candidates to show 
>their support for the DRWG and its recommendations.  We'll provide more 
>details on this effort in the future.
>Many thanks for your support of diabetes advocacy and the American 
>Diabetes Association.

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