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[IP] could have died....


    Makes me want to share one of my stories as well. I am so happy that
children are aware of the needs of the adults and others in the family. It
made me smile to know that all the things we teach the children does get put
to use!! *Smile*

    NOW about animals...................I love them dearly!!!

    I have a cocker spaniel who everyone swears and laughs at me for
spoiling rotten. I wish I could save all the animals and let them live a
life of happiness, but I haven't won the lotto yet!!! *Smiles*

    Well, I have been Diabetic for 15 years and almost NEVER experienced
"knock-out" lows. Well, I am now home with two broken feet. I can still get
up and walk, but it hurts!

    Well, I was on the computer writing emails and that is the LAST thing I
remember (This was before my awesome pump days). Well, next thing I know I
am laying there on the floor for 4 hours trying to get to the phone, which
was right next to me, but it seemed like it was miles away. Well, the WHOLE
4 hours I was trying to get help my spoiled rotten dog never left my side.
She laid there kissing me, howling, crying and walking around me trying to
get me to stay awake. Everytime I felt myself fall into a sleep she would
stand on me and bark at me or anything she could to keep me fighting.

    I got scared because my husband works 14 hour days and he had just left,
which means NO ONE would be home for another 12 or so hours to find me.

    Well, after 4 hours of torture of listening to people leave messages
like "Claudia I hope your enjoying this beautiful day, your not home so I
hope your doing well." Meanwhile, I am on the floor trying to do telepathy
to the people on the phone.

    Well, finally after 4 hours of trying to move my arms, legs and any part
of me, I looked like a person who had no motor functions, I had thrown up
and I probably had hit Katie-Dog more then once trying to get the phone,
which was RIGHT next to me about 4 inches away. AWFUL AWFUL time.

    Well, finally I got the phone and banged on it. I somehow, by the
miracle of God, had hit redial. It called my husbands desk and, by a miracle
of God, he was AT his desk! Whew! Well, I could NOT speak whatsoever and he
knew it was me and called 911 and then came home.

    Well, of course I am alone so all the doors are locked and Katie, the
guard dog, was NOT gonna let anyone in. WELL, she did, my neighbor had been
called and came over with the key and Katie led them right to me. She went
downstairs to greet the paramedic and then she walked upstairs and showed
them where I was. SHE NEVER EVEN barked. WOW!! Well, anyhow, she is my best
friend for life before that and forever.

Claudia and Katie-Dog
15 years Diabetic and almost a month pumping!

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