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Re: [IP] wondering if anyone has read this book

I was 20 when I was diagnosed -- a few weeks before my 21st birthday.  My
mom saw it as the sleeping beauty effect because she considered 21 the
major risk cutoff for getting type I.  However, sleeping beauty only had
to suffer ONE finger prick :)

"Going to the Sun" is about a graduate student named Penny who has Type I.
In the first chapter, her boyfriend is hurt badly in an accident and she
helps him commit suicide with her insulin.  
The rest of the book is about her coming to terms with her diabetes, and
about the feelings she has about her diabetes actually giving her the
power to answer her boyfriend's last wish.  There are two parts that stand
out in my mind.. one is the useful tip when Penny pushes her upper arm
against a hotel door so she can jam the needle in without needing one hand
to pinch up the fat.  The other one is in anger with her diabetes, she
eats a bunch of fig newtons with milk, and when her meter reads 300, she
throws it so hard that it cracks.  The guy writing the book really got
under the skin!

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

> Miranda , ...If you don't mind me asking , how old were you when you were 
> diagnosed ?...And what is the book " Going To The Sun " about ?...Sheri

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