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Re: [IP] Boy, I wish she had a pump! Kinda long

At 11:10 PM 1/27/2000  Brian Carter wrote:
 >>And could a pump have possibly avoided this kind of swing?
 >This really depends on if the bg swing is normal for her (even if it is not
 >that much of a swing).  If it is a normal swing at that time yes the pump
 >could of prevented it if the Basal rate is set correctly.  One thing is
 >that the pump could of possibly brought it down faster.

One thing that pumpers discover is that their basal insulin needs often 
vary during the day... as an example, some people need higher amounts in 
the morning and less in the afternoon. Some of us even need higher amounts 
at night (dawn phenomenon). This is where MDI often doesn't help much... 
it's more of a "one-size fits all" solution. With the pump, you can have 
multiple basal rates which more accurately fit the actual daily changes 
that occur.

 >>Should I be hollering and screaming at her diabetes team that MDI isn't
 >>working and they need to
 >>deal with it?
 >I would say if both of you want a pump. Annoy them until you get one.  keep
 >after them and demand a GOOD reason why she shouldn't have one if they say

I wouldn't holler and scream, but I think being very specific and 
persistent is important. If they don't respond, then you may need to find a 
new team. It's your daughter and you have the right to find the best 
medical care for her. If your current doctor won't provide it, then you 
need to locate someone who will. Make sure your current team knows that you 
will exercise that option too.


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