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Re: [IP] Re: venting about CDEs and teams and "partners"

In a message dated 1/27/00 10:14:28 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< they suggested, as a few of 
the thinner women on here did, that i use the silhouette catheter.  however, 
no one has shown me how to insert it. >>


Suggestion -- After reading the instructions on the website link "how to 
insert a silhouette", get Minimed to send you several more silhouettes so you 
won't feel pressured about wasting one.  Then take it apart and try 
practicing inserting it into other things till you get the hang of it.  When 
I was diagnosed, they used to recommend oranges - do they still do that?  I 
insert the sil at a very, very shallow angle, just below the skin, so it 
would have to be a rather loose skinned fruit, maybe a clementine? Or maybe 
better, a thinner-skinned juice orange?  Or a pillow for the first try?

Linda Z
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