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Re: [IP] RE: significant others and fixing things

In a message dated 1/28/00 11:18:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My general problem in dating is that I find one of two types:
 1.  I don't care, don't want to learn about it, don't understand it.
 2.  I want to fix you, fix this, I read about this - couldn't that help?,
 fix, fix, fix...
 I am currently on a "break" from dating because of this.  I cannot seem to
 find that "perfect" individual who will just listen and let me vent without
 trying to fix things and who makes an
 attempt to understand what I am going through (or can relate to it in some
 sigh, I know he's out there somewhere!  There are too many married D's on
 this list that boast
 about their wonderful spouses :)
 Susan >>
Susan don't give up! Your task is a little harder than  the rest of the young 
people today. I was very lucky 32 years and still counting. You must remember 
males try to fix things (its there job). I would suggest you explain how you 
feel early on. All I can say is I got past the 52 years because of a special 
person in my life Roger C dx47
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