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Re: [IP] could have died

The story about your 10 y.o. helping her Dad makes me want to share one

About 5 years ago (before I even thought about using an insulin pump), I
suffered a VERY low blood sugar during the night.  I was still living at
home with my parents and our faithful companion, Sugar (the EXTREMELY
intelligent Australian Shepherd dog).  Sugar always slept in the section of
the house where I was.  From what my Dad recalls, Sugar went to my parent's
door and started whining.  My Dad told her to go back to bed.  She walked
back down the hall but then turned right back around and went back to their
bedroom and whined again.  So, my Dad thought she wanted to go out.  He got
up to let her out and she dashed down the stairs.  So my Dad followed and
she led him right to my room.  He could hear me moaning and groaning and
could see that I was thrashing around in bed.  To make a really long story
short, Sugar knew something was wrong with me and immediately went to get
help.  She is still a very dear friend of mine and I do believe I owe her my

Thanks for listening, AGAIN
---A dog is a smile and a wagging tail,
what is in between doesn't matter much.

Lea Idlewine
Owned by a Golden Retriever
and a rescued Great Pyrenees

> << My 10yo pumper found her Dad semi-conscious on the kitchen floor this 
> afternoon.>>
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