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[IP] Problems w/blood sugars


I've been a member of this list for only a couple weeks now and have
thoroughly enjoyed the information that is passed around.  Since joining,
I've read lots of posts about people having site problems, i.e., blood
sugars going up and up, etc.  I wondered why I'd never had any problems like
that......(I've only been pumping since Dec. 19, 99).  Well, today, it
happened!!  I changed my site before coming to work today and my blood
sugars have gone up and up even though I've bolused to compensate for all
the highs.  My last blood sugar which I took 15 minutes ago was 307!  I
haven't had a blood sugar over 260 since starting my pump (the 260 was due
to illness).  So, I changed my site placement.  NOW, I understand the
frustration that I've been reading about the last couple weeks and I can
also sympathize.  I sure hope this site change takes care of the highs!!!

Thanks for listening,

---A dog is a smile and a wagging tail,
what is in between doesn't matter much.

Lea Idlewine
Owned by a Golden Retriever
and a rescued Great Pyrenees.

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