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[IP] To Janine & fake lows


We are here for you.  There are some good instructions about inserting the 
silhouettes on the web site Michael gave you. I started with the soft-set 
and switched to Sils because they are more comfortable and I had fewer 
problem with kinks, pain, etc. No one taught me, I just read the directions 
on the package from Mini Med.  The Sil may look intimidating, but it is 
really much nicer, IMHO.  Use a little Ice, EMLA, or a frozen teaspoon to 
deaden the area if you want to.  We are here for you even if your CDE (and 
believe me, she is wrongly named) is a joke.    Hang in there.

About the feeling low and not being low  .....a week or so ago, I had a 
classic example of this about 3:00 am-ish.  I woke up feeling shaky and 
sweaty, but slightly different from the usual low signs, tested and I was 
at 250....then I thought it must have been a hot flash, I still have them 
sometimes, and that didn't feel quite right.  I tested again (5 minutes 
later) and I was 178!  Tested again in ten minutes and I was 132, I was in 
shock, I have never seen such a fast drop.  Five minutes later I was 78 and 
I ran for the glucose tabs and OJ.  Naturally, I over-compensated (cause I 
fell back to sleep with out waiting to do a bolus) and woke up at 170.

Now, my theory is, we'll see what Sam, Michael, Sara and other say, that 
even when I go to sleep with a 130 bg, and wake up with about the same on 
most days, my body must do a peak about 3:00 am and then fall.  I do know 
that I have my basals set to start at 3:00 am at 1.3 per hour until 10:00 
am, because of dawn phenomenon .   So, something happens about 3:00 am to 
me.  This time I just happened to see it happen.  I would bet that if I 
hadn't had Glu tab and OJ, I would have been about 130 when I woke up. I 
must usually sleep through the drop.  Don't know why this time I happened 
to feel it.  I think it must happen about like this ever night...This could 
be the same thing happening to you.  So,  TEST OFTEN -

Well, my theories change constantly.  This one works today.  Yes, it is a 
daily learning thing.  After all these years, I still learn better ways to 
do things which may change in a month to another better way to do things. 
 Life is so interesting with diabetes, and learning about your body is a 
constant challenge.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
(where we got no snow to speak of, but the town hardware stores sold over 
1500 sleds in the last few days in anticipation).


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