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[IP] Spouse's and the big D -

I just thought I might add a note on to this one as well.  Scott, my hubby
of almost 7 years, had a REALLY hard time with me and my diabetes for the
first couple of years.  He didn't understand why I had to do what I do,
when, where, and what not. After a couple of bad low episodes I decided it
was time for him to come out of the closet and learn with me.  I've educated
him on a lot of d-related things - he's totally wonderful to me and my
diabetes - helps me when he senses I need it, and leaves me alone with it
when things are fine.  He's gone as far as giving me shots from time to time
(once in the elbow 'cuz he closed his sweet little eyes - he didn't want to
watch the needle go in); he tests my sugar from time to time, he gets me
food if I'm low, and knows almost as much as I do about the disease and how
it affects me.  Right now I am going over the pump literature with him so
that he feels more comfortable with the thought of me using it.  (Latest
question:  'Won't the introducer needle for that thingy hurt? It looks so
looooooonnnnngggggg.')   I think he's one of the rare types - he truly
understands what I and my diabetes need from him, and he supports me - no
hassles.  I think a big part of it has to do with making your loved one a
part of your health care team - but more of a personal one, at that - Scott
is a great sounding board for me, and he is very interested in the going
on's with my health.  I feel he's a true hero as well - and here's to
another happy anniversary.  Just my .02's worth.  He doesn't need a support
group - but he said he might have if he hadn't spent the time learning all
he knows.


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