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Re: [IP] Re: venting about CDEs and teams and "partners"


Sorry to hear all the trouble your're having.  First of all, good for you for 
getting a new CDE.  I would also take the time to write a long, detailed 
letter to whoever your CDE's supervisor/boss is and explain the treatment 
you've been given by this person.  Your health with bloodsugars at 600 was in 
serious trouble and her not responding to your calls and concern should be a 
big warning flag for her employer as well as whoever else she may be treating.

If you have a while to wait before your appt. with your new CDE perhaps your 
MiniMed rep. can asst. you with learning about how to use the silhouette 
catheter or at least send you some info.

As for your boyfriend - it sounds like he needs a little diabetes education.  
As with everyone else diabetics are individuals and each person has a 
different set of circumstances as to what they are and aren't able to do.  As 
for having children-there have been many posts on the IP list from diabetics 
here who have had successful pregnancies.  I'm sure it depends largely on 
your diabetes control and having a supportive team of various doctors working 
with you.  Others I'm sure can supply you with details.

Don't let them get you down!!  A few rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch 
but it sounds like you've taken the steps to help yourself already and 
hopefully with your new CDE and a little correct and helpful info. you will 
be pumping successfully in no time.

The best of luck to you!  Linda
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