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Re: [IP] Boy, I wish she had a pump! Kinda long

>And could a pump have possibly avoided this kind of swing?

This really depends on if the bg swing is normal for her (even if it is not 
that much of a swing).  If it is a normal swing at that time yes the pump 
could of prevented it if the Basal rate is set correctly.  One thing is 
that the pump could of possibly brought it down faster.

>Should I be hollering and screaming at her diabetes team that MDI isn't 
>working and they need to
>deal with it?

I would say if both of you want a pump. Annoy them until you get one.  keep 
after them and demand a GOOD reason why she shouldn't have one if they say 
no.  and you can also ask them if they know that for a fact since she has 
not even tried the pump yet.  after all you have nothing to loose and ALLOT 
of control and freedom (as well as a less restrictive childhood for her) to 

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