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[IP] Boy, I wish she had a pump! Kinda long

Hi all!
	As most of you know, my daughter Caitlyn is currently on MDI, but we
are still trying to get a pump.  I want to share how frusterated I am by
showing what Caitlyn went through yesterday:

8:00 With father away from home BG 139 (yeah!) has 1 1/2 H & 6 1/2 N
     had cereal for breakfast and ritz bits PB crackers for snack
     (please keep in mind that she uses 1 Unit for 45 carb's)

11:30 Daycare tests.  She is 39.  She is treated with juice and eats her
      normal lunch.  30 minutes later, she is 95.

4 pm  She seems cranky, she tests and is 135.  She eats 1 serving of
      Goldfish crackers for snack.

6:45  She tests and is 62.  She gets 6 oz of coke (19.5 grams of carb) 
      and refuses to eat more than 3 bites of steamed rice & 1 bite
of        chicken. She tests again and her fastake meter reads "HI". 
      retests and it again reads "HI" (HI means over 600 on
the               fastake!)  Receives 2 units of H & 3 1/2 Ultralente.

10:00 Tests and is 260. Has some string cheese and goes to bed.
	Here is my question:  What caused her swing?  And could a pump have
possibly avoided this kind of swing?  Should I be hollering and
screaming at her diabetes team that MDI isn't working and they need to
deal with it?  Last time I pointed the swings out, they put her on a 4th
insulin (regular), and it only made the swings worse!  I have been SO
careful with the carb counting, I am getting seriously frusterated with
this lack of control.  Her last a1c (in November) was 8.8.  The swings
toward the highs seem to be getting more frequent.  When I change her
carb ratio, she inevitably goes low.  I can't help but think that things
might be different if I could work with tenths of a unit, instead of
just whole or half units.  
	Her Pediatrician is recommending her to the UCSF medical group for a
pump evaluation.  I have to wait for her Ped (a Kaiser doctor) to call
them, and then wait for them to send me the paper work so that I can
call and make an appt.  I vow that they will be called the very SECOND I
receive the paper work!  Boy, I wish she had a pump!

Thanks for listening and for any feedback you can provide me!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, turns 5 on 2-20-00
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