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Re: [IP] Roselea needs new team

In a message dated 01/27/2000 12:21:20 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I understand completely.  The non-diabetic person thinks that taking all 
those shots or being hooked up to a pump is the big deal about diabetes.  But 
what they don't realize is that that's just the tip of the dragon's tail (my 
visualization of my diabetes). The dragon consists of uncontrolled blood 
sugars, comas, DKA, violet lows, and the impossibility of keeping in the 
"good range" where we know we must be if we are to be healthy and avoid those 
complications.  At least with my pump, I have my dragon on a tight leash!  
But there are still problems, at 3 am two days ago I was 65 (too much 
exercise) and last night's 3am was 265 (sore throat), but at least with my 
pump I could correct and go back to sleep confident that all would be OK to 
start the cycle again tomorrow.

And does she think that if she had to carry around an oxygen tank all day she 
would know what its like to have emphysema?

Thinking of you,

<< One other comment this CDE said was that "she wore a pump, so she knows 
 it's like to wear one".  I beg to differ from her.  Sure she knows what it's
 like to be connected to a pump, but she doesn't know how she would feel if
 her blood sugars were screwed up or if they were good.  I'm so tired of
 "normal" people who think they know all about it. >>
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