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Re: [IP] Is pumping easier?

Jim S. wrote:
 > > Natalie wrote:
> > The pump is more work than being on the conventional 2 shots a day,
> > match your food and exercise to your insulin regimen.
> >
> > I have to disagree with Natalie.  In one sense, pumping is MUCH easier than
> > trying to live my life matching it to insulin peaks of two shots.  MDI was
> > a lot easier than that (despite the appearance of more work).  I would
> > choose to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, it is a lot less work.
> >
> > Maureen
> If I remember correctly, the ducky person is type II and with 2 shots a day
> needed very little insulin to be chased..... (and not much in the way of insulin
> peaks)

No, the ducky person is Type WEIRD. Don't fit in either pigeonhole --
but then ducks weren't MADE for pigeonholes, anyway. (I'll expound on
that in another message, if anyone is dying to know) 

When I was on 2 shots a day, I had fairly consistent hypos at 11 AM and
at 3 AM. The solution was to have a snack every day at 10 AM, and to
have a protein snack at bedtime.  

Not sure what you mean by insulin peaks, unless it's the same as insulin
to be chased. 

What I was referring to in pumping being more work than 2 shots a day is
that on 2 shots, you only have to remember to take the shot before bkfst
and dinner -- and to eat according to your meal plan.  You still have to
test and treat if you feel low, but 2-shot a day people don't usually do
CORRECTIONS midstream -- by definition, that's MDI. So they don't test
as often, and don't carb count. 

I'm NOT saying that 2-shot a day people get good control, or feel well,
by any means!

I also said that pumping is LESS work than MDI, which I also did before
pumping. It's the testing and calculating and adjusting that is work,
but the ease of pushing buttons instead of messing with injection gear
AND the ability to tailor basals to your exact needs take some of the
work out of it. 

I hope this makes my thoughts a little clearer. 

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