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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

On 27 Jan 00, at 9:53, Sam Skopp wrote:

> I didn't know that many pumpers were constantly weighing their food. I
> personally find that once I know that a potato = x carbs, an apple = y
> carbs and a piece of bread = z carbs, I don't need to do any more. I think
> that there are too many other variables to try to get overly precise with
> this thing... but that's just my opinion. I usually get pretty good at
> doing on-the-spot guesstimates as to what things are... plus there is so
> much nutritional information on packaged food nowadays. Armed with a
> decent carb-book, I'd think that most people could probably get away
> without ever weighing anything.

That would be true if things actually weighed as the package 
indicates. But they don't when it comes to baked goods. At home I 
trust my scales more than my eyesight, which I have to depend on 
when dining out.  When an extra ounce of potato at night means a 
half unit more, or in the morning a muffin that weighs one ounce 
more means 2.5 units, I don't like to trust my senses for that 

George   (A1c down from 7.0 to 6.0, IMHO, measure)

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