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[IP] Re: Keeping sets on

>  I found this post sitting on my computer I geuss I forgot to send it a
while ago but I noticed a few days ago someone was still asking about how
to keekp aset on better.  So I hope this can help someone............

 There is something other than duct tape you can use.  My husband is in
the Army and he uses this stuff called Tincture Benzoin Compound to hold
 bandages in place over blisters while road marching.  I don't know how
 widely available it is or if it is even available over the counter, try
asking ask your pharmacist about it.  It is a liquid and you "paint" it
on the area.  It can be taken off with nail polish remover.  It is also
dark in color and contains 75-83% alcohol.  I've never used it for myself
 (my problem is the opposite, I can't get the dressing off) but my husband
 swears by it.(his tootsies have seen alot of miles)   And if it can keep
a bandage on a sweaty soldier's foot for 12+ miles I'm sure it can work for
 us too. 
 Also for those who were looking for something to promote healing and
 moisturizing for their abdomen you might want to try pure lanolin.  I
used it when I breastfed 2 of my 3 children and then used it on my strech
marks.  It's helped me alot.  The brand name is Lansinoh.  A little amount
a long way.  Which is good because a tube costs around $10.  I've seen it
at Wal-mart in the baby dept. and maternity stores.

Pumping @ Ft. Bragg, NC (under ice and snow :^)   )
Sheila Morris
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