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Re:[IP] My A1c and bg update (again :)

At 05:38 PM 01/27/2000 , you wrote:
>Also I had my appt. with my endo today, and
>my first post pump A1c - I wasn't sure how it would be, since I had a pretty
>great 3 months until I started having 200's these last several days, but my
>a1c was 6.5 !!! I was so thrilled :)  Here's hoping mine and everyone elses
>crazy week calms down.  --Gianna


I used to dread going in for Anthony's endo appt., especially when he 
seemed to have a lot of unexpected highs.  I was always delighted...and so 
was his dr. to see his A1c's were excellent even with multiple 
injections.  What she explained to me was, the numbers also reflected how 
well you responded to the highs and was able to treat them and bring them 
down with spot dosing.  I'm sure this same approach is true for 
pumping...especially with frequent testing and corrections.

Anthony, 11, starts his saline and pump training on Saturday, Feb. 5.  He 
can't wait to reclaim some of his missed childhood.  He knows his diet will 
be a little more flexible....but he just can't wait to sleep in.  He hasn't 
had that luxury since he was 6.

Keep up the good work!


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