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Re: [IP] Hiders and non-hiders

<snip>This pump (to me) makes it obvious.  How many times have any of you
seen a person wearing a pager - and asked what is that? <snip>

I have been asked many many many times in the close to 10 months Jude and I
have been together about my "funny pager" or "pager with an antenna" (that
one is real popular), or "what kind of job do you have that you need a
pager?" and "you are too young to need a pager"  However, relatively, it
hasn't been that much (seeing that I can probably count the number of times
it hasn't been on my waist, and most of those were because it was really
cold out and I didn't want it exposed or I was wearing a dress).  I think
I've told this story here before, but I became friends with the medical
assistant in my endo office.  I saw her EVERY appointment when I was
starting my pump.  After a while we would sometimes eat lunch together (I
work in the same building as the office, and my classes are across the
street literally).  One day, I program my bolus, and she asks me "Who's
calling you?"  I just give her this really strange look.  "Umm, its my
pump."  Then disolved in laughter.  LOL, now if SHE mistakes my pump for a
pager, just about anyone is entitled to!

I really like Linda's idea of putting Jude on the other side to remember to
do something different!  I love IP!  As for bumping sites while horsing
around, it has never caused me a problem.  I have bruised myself several
times by the pump itself (the worse being my sternum, I was sled riding,
went down on my stomach on one of those flat sheet things, hit a bump...
ouch.  I never keep Jude warm there anymore!), but the sites have always
been fine!

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