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Re: [IP] sleepless-Holly

> Holly i too am a basket case, so to speak. I need SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!  I
> didn't feel this run down and exhausted since my kids were newborns,
> and then even then not this bad. I think the stress adds ten times
> as much to it!  Keep in mind your not alone. And neither am i thanks
> to this site!!!!!!!!  Someday, there will be rest!!!!  Won't there?

If you know you must be up more than once in the night, try sleeping 
in the same room so you don't have to "really wake up" unless it is 
urgent. Just a bg test can be done zombie like and you will still 
feel pretty rested. If I have to get up and walk around -- it messes 
up my sleep/rest cycle. Once in the night I can deal with, but 2 - 3 
times wipe me out unless don't have to really move around and 
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