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[IP] Re: venting about CDEs and teams and "partners"

i have a CDE who met with me twice and then never called me back when my pump 
didn't deliver insulin - 5 times in four days.  the catheter kept bending so 
no insulin was going in.  my sugars were running over 600 and on the fourth 
day, i didn't wake up at all, although the pump was alarming. 
when i called her previously about this, she told me i was too thin and if i 
turned sideways, the wind would blow me away.  i had changed my site 
repeatedly and called minimed at midnight, and they suggested, as a few of 
the thinner women on here did, that i use the silhouette catheter.  however, 
no one has shown me how to insert it.
i just called a local hospital and got a meeting with a new CDE who said 
she'd show me how to use the silhouette.  however, i paid $6000 for a pump 
that's on the floor, not being used, because no one will help me.  my CDE 
told me she's spent "too much time" with me and she'll be fired if he boss 
only knew.
i thought this was her job.
my boyfriend, by the way, told me he swears he heard that diabetics have 
trouble getting pregnant, so he's scared of committing to me.  he started 
seeing someone else who already has children.  am i capable of having kids?  
i thought i was; i'm 33 and have had no complications.
diabetes sucks.  i am working so hard, recording my carb intake, my boluses, 
my exercise, etc. and no one is supporting me.  except for this website.  
thanks for being there, since minimed's CDE hasn't been, and i don't think 
this is the way this is supposed to be going.
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