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[IP] re: site pain

>> i have noticed that when i press on my site it hurts. however, not
>> the center of the site, but slightly lower than the center. i am
>> using soft sets, regular length.  i haven't had any problems with
>> site infections, but when i rub a certain way, it just hurts. any
>> ideas?
>The cannula is probably poking into muscle. Ahhh... gee... your just 
>not padded enough :-)  Seriously, you might want to try the 
>Sil/Tender/Comfort set. The are favored by many people because they 
>do not go as deep into the tissue and seem to be more comfortable. I 
>can safely speak for my daughter on this,  many others have 
>reported the same thing.
>Call MM, D or your local "set" supplier for a free sample or two of 
>one of the above sets (they are all identical, different packaging 
>email @ redacted

oh no, trust me, i'm padded enough. it isn't an issue of being in muscle.
and i really am paranoid of sil's so there is no way i'm trying them
anytime soon. it's just weird to me that the pain is below the site, not
directly on the site.

Erinn (pumping 1 month, 1 week)
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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