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[IP] Corporate participation on the list

>  Would it be possible for BOTH (even all 3) pump
> companies to participate in the group by answering queries and
> posting info on what is being developed and what the future will be
> for pumpers, rather than getting it second, or third, hand.  Is this
> there option, or would they be discouraged from posting?  I can see
> where it could be a problem with aggressive marketing, etc.  I do
> think it could be managed with sufficient disclaimers

I've had discussions with both MM and D on this subject and the 
general feedback is that they would like to stay at arms length to 
prevent any impression that the forum is less than "open". However, 
from time to time, various reps for the companies do provide some 
good input -- just not very often. On the UK list, there are reps 
from both companies that provide a lot of useful info for the other 
list members. There is never any competitive chatter from them, just 
facts or offers of assistance. The situation in the UK is very 
different from the US and Canada. Pumps are really hard to get there 
and are almost never paid for by the national health insurance. For 
kids it is almost impossible. Slowly there is progress being made, 
but we should consider ourselves lucky here as well as most of the 
rest of western Europe.

For both companies, there are barriers to talking about new products. 
The FDA does not permit anything remotely resembling "marketing" of a 
product that is not yet approved -- to the extent that the specs can 
not be released to the public. This is over an above any policies 
that the companies may have regarding pre-marketing. So.... be 
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